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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  November 14, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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a powerful congressional leaderser from san francisco mr.-- leader from san francisco will make a major announcement -- ahead. >> reporter: and pg&e on the scene right now. we'll tell you about the power problem they are trying to fix. it's cleanup day after a muddy mess yesterday. >> reporter: gas drivers filling up got a surprise. "mornings on 2" starts right now.
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well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, november 14th. pg&e crews continue to work at san francisco's city hall this morning. they've been there an south africaal -- an electrical explosion last night in the basement. claudine wong is live where it is expected to open to the public. will it be business as usual? >> reporter: we're told that city hall will open back up this morning. we have several pg&e trucks behind me. there's one next to me. if you come up here in the steps of city hall, you can see the lights are back on. they've been on since we arrived here this morning. generators are also on and they've -- at one point we thought we saw one them pop off. if we take a look over here, the generators are still right here at city hall.
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they've been busy all night making sure things are running inside. you see the tops of those generators? can see they are working hard and you can see the crews coming in and out of here. as far as when everything will be back to normal you, i can show you the scene last night, the problems really started last night, someone smelled -- smelled smoke and there was an explosion. what happened, that set up sprinklers. >> minimal smoke ran out of the building. a high voltage area so we can't get anybody inside there. so wegot the power cut off. >> reporter: back like here in front of city hall. fire crews went inside and just secured the scene. there was an event happening at the file. what's happened overnight into
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the morning? we're told there are multiple power sources coming into city hall. probably making it complicated to turn things on. we're keeping an eye on the situation here again. they do expect city hall to open as usual. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. in about 90 minutes from right now, student also start a two-day protest outside of a uc regents meeting in san francisco. at the request of governor brown, the regents agreed to postpone a fee on some grad opportunities but they plan to vote on a second plan to raise tuition for next year. governor brown will be talking about prop 30. with that measure approved by voters last week, it's supposed to save the uc system $250 million. well, the ma row ga school district a new policy for dealing with claims of child
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abuse. this comes by kristin kanane. she says the school district ignored her claims that she was sexually abused by two childrens. the new -- two teachers. the new rules say these have to be individually reported to the police. we're now hearing from jill kelley, the florida socialite, linked to allegations involving cia director david petraeus and now the top u.s. ambassador in afghanistan. >> this is jill kelley. and i have a guy who in my backyard who is not leaving. >> okay. >> i'm an honorary council general. >> that was the 911 call.
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she had exchanged thousands of inappropriate e-mails with general allen. it turns out council is an honorary council general in south korea but that's not an official report and we're hearing that david petraeus has agreed to testify about the libya terror attack before the house and senate commit tees. that's according to a fox news report. that appearance was canceled when petraeus suddenly resigned. coming up at 7:15, how the scandal started with petraeus stepping down just keeps expanding. back here at home, a rare sight you don't see every day, gasoline for less than 40 cents a gallon. alex live in palo alto.
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short a -- forea -- for a short time last night. they were selling newell at 1970s prices. this morning, it's back to reality the problem has been fixed. now 3.65 a gallon. that's what folks are shelling out here. it's a different story last night. here is a photo sent to us by a viewer. this station, this arco station at middle field and san antonio in palo alto charging 37 moi 5 cents a gallon. the picture who sent the picture scored 8 gallons for just 3 bucks. quite a few drivers decided to take advantage of this. even this morning we saw cheap totals on the pumps. people shelling out next to nothing for view. >> i saw $1.86. it was closed to 5 gallons.
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i was like okay. what happened here? and then up guys came up. >> reporter: got your hopestion. >> yes. [laughter] >> reporter: after we arrived here. the manager told me she had no comment about what was clearly an unintentionally giveaway. we missed the boat here. >> get me some cheap gas and bring it back. will you, please, ail rex? >> if you are idling in traffic, that's one of the worse gas wasters. traffic is slow. just a few minutes ago, i don't know if you were watching, we showed you that the traffic was busy here. everything is kind of showing
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up at the same time. moving along to the peninsula. they are looking at highway 101 and 280. the traffic here is looking pretty good. a little bit of slowing in san mateo. if you are driving on the sunol grade, southbound 680 has been slow because of earlier problems. it's improving a little bit and 680 in concord, we had an earlier crash at treat boulevard, southbound 680 traffic is very slow especially on 242, it's apple's coming from highway 4. let's go to the toll plaza. that's backed up for with a -- for about a 15-minute delay. some higher clouds make for a spectacular sunrise. nice pictures from may and half moon bay. east wind means temperatures will been there. looks good. nice to barm. bu tomorrow, most of the -- but tomorrow -- nice to warm.
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there's already mid-50s. 39 fairfield was a 3 at napa airport. 40s for some, yet closer to the bay and you get 50s due to an east wind. a lot of these high thore -- in add advantages. so that -- you need something to -- somebody to bump it along. today, mild, probably about the same tomorrow. not as warm as today. but we'll have cloud cover but by friday into the weekend. cloudy and cooler pattern. that least wind means temperatures heading up. we'll be in the mid-70s. warmer than many inland
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locations. we're just flip-flopping. 74 oakland. pacifica 72. half moon bay. livermore 70. everyone pretty close here but the warmest by the beaches. more clouds, still on -- still in saturday morning. happening right now, hughes minority leader nancy pelosi is getting read set to speak at a conference where she will announce whether she will on on in her leadership position. these are live pictures from the room where the announcement will happen but it's not gotten underway yet. word got out that. told her party caucus she will remain as the minority leader. and she will be joined by other
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house credited women. we're waiting for nancy pelosi to make an announcement where she will stay she's staying on as the house minority leader. there something question that she mated to have congress, the democratics gain control. they needed -- one of her aide the has just brought out some of the speeches there that the -- that the house minority leader will be announcing. now waiting in the wings was the deputy, sony hoyer from maryland. north carolina democrat -- democrat. >> and here's nancy pelosi coming out.
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representing a new resurgent of knee male washington revelers. >> she's been serving her district for 25 years. she's 75. she's been a major force of the bills that have passed of. even after the 2010 election, her party lost 63% but she was reelect the democratic leader and she's about to make an announcement. let's listen in to the hughes minority leader speaking -- to the house minority leader speaking. >> okay. i think that means most are coming. more are coming. yesterday, when we gathered
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her, i began my comments standing here with our new members of congress by saying a picture is worth a thousand words. i said and i stand now that this picture is worth millions of vote. millions of votes. millions of women's vote that it took to re-elect president obama. [ cheers ] >> yay! >> reporter: millions of women's votes who helped us elect a record number of women to the congress of the united states. recall as you look forward, understand that you are looking
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into the future of the empower important. these women are part of the most diverse caucus in the history of the world. the first time that a parliamentary body would have a body led by women and its strength and we're very, very proud because of that. i said yesterday, we did not have the majority but we had the gavel. excuse me. we don't have the gavel [laughter] >> we were hoping to have the gavel. >> we don't have -- [laughter] >> we have earl gavel we had something more important. we have unity. we do not have gavel.
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we do not have the unity. it i think our caucus this morning dated very clearly this morning. so i come here with my sisters. when i came to congress 25 years ago, there were about 23 members of congress who were women out of 435. just think about that. 12 democrats, 11 pruns something like that. >> today we had over 60 house democratic women. [laughter] >> very good. not enough. we want more. but all of us who were there that -- that dozen of us there, we all spock responsibility to try to pull more women into congress into our state dellations and across the --
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dellations -- >> you've listen listening live to nancy pelosi talking about the strong presence of women on capitol hill. 60 in the house, still want more. she's expected to shortly announce that she will be restraining -- remain at the hel am at the party leadership. we've heard a congressional official says that -- say that nancy pelosi say she would remain. and we'll continue to mon p ter her talks -- monitor ter talks -- monitor her talks and have more on a colorado man plotting to kill president obama and planning a deadly attack on trick or treaters. he's described in court documents as a troubled young man. the secret service was alerted
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that kusik planned to shoot the president and shoot children at a halloween event. his therapist alerted authorities. president obama has called a news conference for 10:30 for his first conference since being reelengthed. later in the day, the president will be meeting with a dozen ceos including general electric, walmart, ford. the president wants to get their imput on how to avoid the so called it social cliff. we're following developing news regarding desaid petraeus. who revived last week fox news is report that petraeus will
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testify before committees about the deadly attack on the u.s. done consulate. we're learning more about the it somethings of the other people involved in the sexual -- sex scandal. >> reporter: some questions per around kelly -- jill kelley. now, the defense department says that allen is under investigation for what -- for what one defense official described as a flirtatious. kelli was a social liaison for
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the military. now, petraeus at the u.s. central command resigned on friday from the cia post. how, general allen is currently in charge of troops in argue. right now his nomination to becomep's now commender is on hold pointing the out come of the session. sources have said that the relationship between the two has not been acceptable. the white house were white house, meantime, they say that the president continues to have faith in allen's leadership. all of this is happening and unfolding at capitol hill. they are closed door hearings. they are underway. they are all centered around the benghazi attack and how that happened. you mentioned it right off of
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the top. we know that -- we now know that david petraeus will testify on the hill. the big question is when, we still don't know when that whether happen. thank you. now, that -- google says the fun's request to access the personal g mail account of ma law broadwell was one of more than 7900 similar requests the company received from the u.s. government in just the first half of this year. the company says it complies with the question fully, partially, 90% of the time. 7:21. if you can't get out, enjoy the beautiful weather today. look out our -- look out our window. that's the sky. steve is coming back. he will tell you about a storm on way. 83
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she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive there is. the total eclipse of the sun. you can only see it from a strip of land from queensland. a total solar eclipse is when the moon blocks the sun, just like that. the last total eclipse visible in australia, ten years ago. police in the south bay say
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there is a spike in stolen bicycles. san jose police say bike thefts in july and august jumped 63% over the same time last year. between may and october, the sheriff's department saw a 114% increase in cupertino. >> long rides and good memories of the book -- of the bike. when it's gone, you've lost an acquaintance or friend. san jose police can cite people for a code infraction when they -- they leave the likes unlock and unintended. sal is watching your commute. sal, can you take care of the folks? >> that's right, dave and tori. traffic is busy all over the place. we're starting off this time with a look at the contra costa
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county. there was a crash near treat. that's long gone but traffic has been slow and steady the whole time. if you are driving through there, give yourself extra time 0 -- time. 80 westbound is beginning to slow and then 880 down fremont and 680 is slow. out to the commute on the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up for about a 25-minute delay. a little thicker today than yesterday. this morning if you are driving into the santa clara valley, the freeways are busy. 7:25. let's go to steve. well a spectacular sunrise. as william said, a red sky in the morning. that's true. we have a system coming in. cool to mild. i mean there's some inner 30s,
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near 40s in san francisco and san francisco it's on the mild side. a lot of the clouds will continue to thicken up. fair feel, 39 yet, 54. i've seen warmer even towards half moon bay. pretty impressive little system coming up from the southwest. our cloud and rain forecast just the high clouds. that east wind will turn around to the west. by tonight a lot of the cloud cover could start to increase. we could be looking at this and it could mean -- a smaller system could enjoy. mostly clear, higher clouds, an east wind. low 70s for almost everybody. we'll cloud it up rain begins on friday. then here comes the stronger
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system maybe strong into -- >> we're having to tear the roof apart to extinguish the fire. >> reporter: crews are already back out here digging this park out of the mud. we'll show you video that sends in a mall of wide. new charges for the man involved in the disappears of sierra lamarr. disappearance of sierra lamar.
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safeway. ingredients for life. 7:30. we have continuing coverage now of that huge mess in daly city. we were the first tv crew there after a water main break flooded a neighborhood. tara is live back there with new footage. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago, crews pulled you and they are assessing the damage. p we had a chance to actually take a like up this hill and get a better look at the gaping hole. wow. we were told it's a 20 x 20.
7:31 am
it seems closer than that when you are standing. engineers have inspected the hillside and they say it is -- it sa -- it is safe. >> war ar-- we're gonna keep the rains out. keep in the gully area and sustain and keep it there. >> reporter: now, the main break unfolded 45,000 gallons of water, trapping at least a dozen cars in it's link.
7:32 am
the. they have this instrument and then are putting it in different spots. right about this spot. that's about four feet into monday -- mud. so they are assessing everything. this is a very, very large area. it's completely opened up. crews are gonna be out here football -- for probably most of the die. >> thank you. we have more details now on names color damage will be held. homeowners with the damage for research and mud should file a claim in person. damage to vehicles may be covered by firefighter firefighter policies. now, in el sobrante shortly after midnight near sherwood
7:33 am
forest live. report ily, the fire started in the attic of the house. the dean soft roof, designed -- caused them to tear it apart. a firefighter was treated for an arm injury. the investigation into the car continues. the firefighters were able to be confined to the second floor and attic to the structure cheer behind me. it tooking crews about 20 get -- 20 minutes to get the damage out. a 27-year-old man is recovering after being shot in the back at downtown ralph fan on 4th street between tam ill tie just and bin. -- and drove away. 7:34, the manicked a of --
7:34 am
accused of mudding season kidnapping. deknee da law vega reaching out to those who -- janine de la vega reaching out to suspects who new torres. >> reporter: she is charged with attempts to contact the subjects near. he's charged three times. one sister said she's aware of the new charges. she could not thom about those new charges or tell me how he was doing. police arrested him in -- arrested him this morning for the murder and kidnapping of sierra la vega. police were able to link that to a dan found on a stun gun parking lot babb in 2005. police ended up kicking -- connecting him to three separate
7:35 am
assaults. >> it's been so many years, but -- it's kind of -- it's a good relief that they are able to kick -- that they are able to connect him so many years later. i went to the house of where his girlfriend lives. she's pregnant. her mother answered the phone. she said her daughter has not had the baby yet. i asked her if she was aware of the new charges but she -- she said they were -- she said they were but their children has
7:36 am
told them not to comment to the media news. police are looking for the public's helpp coming up up at 7:45, we'll show you more of the surveillance video that we hope will lead to an arrest. sal is back. the toll plaza, how is it doing? >> it be -- it will be slow an jerry and kerry -- terry. let's take a look at the toll plaza. if you are heading down to traffic, the slow traffic begins right at h street. you can see it here -- i think it's a little bit worse than that. it looks like it slows near 238. 680 is slow down the sin noel
7:37 am
grade and then highway had 680, 242 as well, very slow because of prob when -- because of earlier problems. high pressure out there. higher clouds. easterly breeze. it will be a little warmer for everybody today. but i mean -- if you go out and run, you have 0 get out by d.c. >> the sun drops last about 4:30. warm along the coast. a lot of great twitter pictures today. people from sun rise, choly up
7:38 am
to lake tom head for a beautiful sunrise -- people from -- it will be a beautiful day. higher clouds it will begin to increase in advantage of that system. a warmer core system coming up from the southwest. that will give us -- gave us rain and then the stronger, tolder system is up there. >> that will be in here for the weekend. so get out and enjoy it because we have mild, mild conditions really on the coast. two systems one warm and thin/i sometimes don't like to -- i sometimes don't like to show piece. by thursday night. some light rain will develop.
7:39 am
you get the idea that things are gonna fall apart. it's already beginning to show why this itself. but everyone will be close to 70, yet berkeley, oakland and the city warmer. santa cruz 76. gilroy 75. below 70s for many. palo alto. more clouds on thursday. here comes the colder system on the weekend. >> thank you, steve. she's decided she wants to keep her post. >> i've made a decision to submit my name so my colleagues to serve acthe house democratic leader. >> but --er is everyone as the house democratic leader. >> but will she get a -- get a chance to?
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stock indexes were edging higher. but they've turned around. wholesale price inflation eased last month. but there's continuing concern about the pending fiscal cliff. the dew is currently down 64. the nasdaq is down 8. s&p down 6. one stock to watch is sisco after a much thanker strong expected earnings report --
7:43 am
after a much-stronger-than earnings report. uple of minute nancy pelosi officially announced she's willing to stay on in her leadership session in the new session of congress. alison burns mass more -- alison burns has more. >> reporter: well, dave, democrats still love her. >> as you look forward, understand that you are looking into the future, the few cure
7:44 am
of empowerment of women in america. we do not have the gavel. we don't have the majority but we have unity. >> reporter: there are no indications that anyone plans to run against here. many see her as a polarizing figure. well, new details coming in about the three pilots killed when the small plane crashed into a house in mississippi. they were actually flying to a federal administration service congress. all three were killed. theres with one person down in the house but they managed to escape with minor injuries.
7:45 am
a faulty furnace may have sparked the explosion at an indianapolis home and left more than two dozen surrounding homes uninhabitable. police need your help finding thieves try to steal ann a woman's -- tries to -- police need your help finding thieves who were trying to
7:46 am
steal a woman's atm. administrators sent us an e- mail saying that omar sandoval will not get any package for his retirement. james kwan, we're told he has left the country. the city council approved oakley's disposals request to raise rates by almost 17%
7:47 am
beginning january 21st. that's an increase up to 6- point -- up to $6.5 4. a group of nudists are staged a nude- in. they are protesting the city's proposal to ban public nudity. some bay area doctors say where you carry your cell phone could affect your health. some people use their bra. this woman said it was convenient. but she didn't until she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 21. she had no risk factors but the donation of her -- location of her tumors matched where she
7:48 am
carried her phone. >> this surgeon says no one should carry a phone next to their body. >> if there's a risk and we don't find out in 5 to ten years, we'll see a whole cluster of cell phone manufacturers. but the fine flint some manuals said the phone should be about 5/8ths of an inch away from your body. an 250 people were ordered out of a billing in elk grove after a suspicious package was found. the package contained an ipad. now police want to know how that package ended up there. we have breaking news right now, just coming in from florida. police have just chased down some armed robbers in the core springs, employee. look at these live pictures.
7:49 am
traffic stopped every if -- every where. this is a live scene in miami, florida. bank robbers were chased. at least one has been captured. superstorm sandy still having an impact next week. which industry felt the brown of the storm. plus -- why a new documentary featuring robert like has a lot of people talking -- rich has a lot of people talking.
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the american people cut back on retail spending. the commerce report just reported that. amazon may be losing some of their power this year. some of the biggest brick b mortar retailers are completing more aggressive -- brick and mortar retailers are competing more aggressively. amazon is also losing some of its price advantage. a new survey out shows family members disagree on financial disagrees dab darn
7:53 am
family members disagree on family finances survey. knew just 20 minutes of the parents believe they will be financially comfortable in retirement. a couple realized they were not gonna make it to the hospital when the mother was in labor and they pulled into the gas station. officers happened to be there and rushed in to help. >> i'm glad they were there. i mean it really calmed me down. they came back and seen me at the hospital. they came to see little baby nolan. everything was fine.
7:54 am
it worked out good. >> the couple named their baby noland across the street from where the baby was born. robert rich's warnings about economic inequality are the subject of a new film. the new film was inspired by miss book after shock. he argued, this distributed to the economic meltdown? 2008 saying stagnant raises and raging costs forced the middle crass to go deep into death. >> i suppose you could say i played thal gunmen role. >> rice is scheduled to speak about the film. it starts at:00 p.m. at we've posted more details about halfway down the
7:55 am
front page. sal is back, he says slow going in the east bay. >> that's right. it's going to be slow going. some of the slowest traffic is between walnut -- walnut creek and alamo. backed up beyond highway 4 and highway 2 is backed up all the way to highway 4. even highway 4 is feelth the effects of this. this is because of a much earlier crash that's now done. watch for traffic other there. 80. some people are back on that. this is your -- these are your commutes. let's go to steve.
7:56 am
>> sal? >> yes. >> twitter station has been on fire. >> they are on fire. >> they are on fire. even marge the dog out in pleasanton isn't me a nice picture on her -- sent me a nice picture on her walk today. we have a lot of high clouds today. it will still be mild to warm. yet, 39 santa rosa, fair field. but 54 oakland and also in the city because there's a really strong easterly breeze. but there is a lot of cloud cover on the day. s the cold system will be here saturday night, sunday morning. today, tomorrow on the mild side but then we go into a wet pattern, friday into saturday, tori and dave? >> yes.
7:57 am
>> okay. an overturned dump trunk makes a mess of highway 101. it's been a busy morning here at city hall and and the doors are not even open for business. we'll tell you about the power problem that's been plaguing city hall all night. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow.
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good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, november 14th. the so. at this moment, we're told that san francisco city hall is reopening for business. utility crews have worked all night fixing the power system there after a fire stair last night. claudine wong, is at city hall. you've been keeping an eye on this. so what's happening now. we just watched them unlock the doors in the last couple of minutes. you can see opening the doors
8:00 am
now to let people in. they are doing this thanks to generator that have been hard at work all night long and into this morning. we pan to the side. three pg&e trucks -- three pg&e trucks. there have been a series of trucks coming in and out of here all night long. see that red vehicle. that belongs to the san francisco fire department. he said he was here to do an inspection and he should know more in about a half an hour. he went inside to see what the situation is. let's talk about the situation. there is a power issue at hall because of an explosion fire last night. wet me show you the scene last night. it started at 9:30. now, the fire was not very big. there was sock smoke. but really the prob whether -- the bigger -- there was some smoke. but really the bigger problem -- >> we shut it off and was -- as
8:01 am
soon as swee wa is was -- soon as we saw it was an isolated area. >> reporter: back here live. the big issue has been the hum. i asked the san francisco fire department if the entire building was on generator power. they said they weren't sure but they were thinking that it must be at this point. an inspection underway. we're expecting to know more in about a half an hour about the situation and how significant is power problem is. we tell you that pg&e said last night. there are several different sources of power. in overnight news, a dump
8:02 am
truck spilled dirt all over highway 101 blocking the lanes and the truck overturned and filled its load right before midnight in the santa clara county town. caltrans used a snowplow off the lanes. the driver was not hurt. a horrible home -- a mobile poem broke out on rhonest avenue. the resident which include five children were not home at the time. the police chief in -- chief in -- in antioch says all of the crime in all cats are up since -- in all categories are up since last year. during that same time period, the number of arrests fell by
8:03 am
17%. police chief says the police force only has two-thirds. 126 hours it is supposed to have. but they are in the process of hiring 14 new police officers. the city of stockton recently lost more than 50 of their police officers, including s.w.a.t.
8:04 am
commanders, several detectives and top gang and narks officers. they left after -- narcotics officers, they left after taking two cuts from the city. a man suspected of vandalizing a suspect muni bus will be arraigned in court. 24-year-old adam diaz of oakland was arrested last week. he's the third suspect facing charges in connection with the vandalism. two others have pleaded not guilty to the charges. martinez police are investigating a burglary at the local fires union hall. police say thieves stole chrome access, flags and other honor guard items sometime over the weekend. poisonous mushrooms who killed two people came from
8:05 am
their backyard. the chef at the home in loomis used those mushrooms that the residents ate. two people died, four others, including the caretaker, were sent to the hospital. 150 of the state's largest polluters will be taking part in the emission facility today. if they admit more green house, they have to add -- emit more
8:06 am
carbon. gas, for less than 40 cents a gallon. you don't see that every day. alex savidge is live at a station in palo alto where that price was a reality. quite a few drivers decided to take advantage. some even filled up gas tanks. you know, i asked drivers if they feel bad for the station owners here? obviously, this was a mistake and obviously they lost a lot
8:07 am
of money because of this pricing error. although, i have to el it you there's not a lot of sympathy out there. >> i've lost a lot of money. i've lost a lot of money filling up my gas tank. no, i don't feel bad. >> that's edwards from kentucky. he benefited from the sales prices. he put in $100. the grand prize last month, $10. i'm thinking this was a misplaced des him medical is -- desem medical is what happened -- decemil is what happened.
8:08 am
>> something. this is highway 4, it's been a mess, highway 680. highway 242. this -- this is because of an earlier crash. we talked about contra costa. we are talking about western contra costa county between pinole and richmond. we have. let's go to steve. >> mild, cold for some. it's 59 along the embarcadero, south each and china basin to
8:09 am
third and -- to third and king. also the east wind about 5 miles an hour coming off the berkeley, caldecott side of the tunnel. a little bit warmer. the warmest temperatures will be by the beach. monterey will be really, really warm. by tomorrow we'll see a westerly breeze. partly sunny, partly cloudy skies. the higher clouds are streaming in advance of a pretty good system here. it will give us rain. that will bump the system along. mild today, partly sunny --
8:10 am
partly sunny, partly sunny skies. higher clouds today through this afternoon. so again we'll see a little bit of a break. it won't take long tomorrow to start clouding things up. i think the rain holds off late as we'll go -- right there, swinging bay -- swinging by up in the sierra nevada. but by sunday, that snow level -- east wind means temperatures up across the boat. berkeley san francisco, oakland will be warmer than many.
8:11 am
the car police are looking for right now in a chase. and a live report on the early opening on some tahoe ski resorts today. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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8:13 am
it's going to be a nice day today. big changes start tomorrow. >> thank youing steve.
8:14 am
8:14. and several sierra ski resorts are opening up for business today, days ahead of schedule. brian hickey joins us live from heavenly in south lake tahoe. so what's making this early opening possible? >> reporter: brrr! it's tough to make the snowed on top of the snow that they did receive. the people are already lining up to catch that first ride. [ cheers ] >> reporter: this guy is sleeping on a pad. are you guys excited? >> super stoked! >> reporter: maybe a little delirious by -- delirious now? >> maybe a little bit. >> reporter: chris johnson, you've within up -- you've been up here eight years, in nine
8:15 am
years? >> eight years. getting ready to go up the first day. we've been blessed with a lot of natural snow and now they've been making snow. a -- >> it's snow? >> it's snow. we're all excited, the locals everybody. we have two days for the locals to get involved. all of the people from your neighborhood will be up here. we're sure of that. ♪ >> we've been firing it up and we opened it earlier -- early. we got a group of 38 guys. 250 hours -- 250 years of
8:16 am
combined experience. it will be -- [inaudible] >> borriel is already open. and sugar loaf will be swinking -- will be spinning. you can expect the other resorts to open before thanksgiving. i leave you with these guys. >> yay! >> they are prepared with, there. they have interest music. ♪ slow ride ♪ slow ride ♪ take it easy ♪ 8 it -- a prominent doctor
8:17 am
is accused of driving under the influence. doctors say she was -- see that? her car went airborne and she clammed refresh -- and she slammed into another car there. an injured man was rushed to the emergency room that dr. howard works at. i got hit with a ton of bricks. >> those pictures are incredible. doctor howard has received several awards, crudding -- including doctor of the year. police say she appears to have written -- written the prescription for several medications. police in san raw mown sitching for a man who critically injured another man about 5:30 friday evening. police say the suspect was driving a gray or silver nissan altima. that car should have some front
8:18 am
end damage. it may be missing its driver'sside mirror. 8:18. a san francisco police who was killed 18 years ago. the officer was the first to respond with reports of a man with a gun at mine and franklin streets on november 13th, 1994. a carjacking suspect wearing a flak jacket and helmet shot and killed the officer before being killed by a sniper. officer girl's death led to legislation of banning felons from having banner. >> that was the gel family, not only for making the sacrifice but getting that as well. >> the officer was 34 when killed. he served with the san francisco police department for ten years. the legal debate over proposition 8, lasts a little
8:19 am
bit aungier -- a little bit younger. if justices will hear the case recording the controversial man on same-sex marriage. >> justices did not give a reason for the delay. if they decide not to hear the prop eight 8 appeal allowing sakes couples to marry. toyota just announced a recall, almost 2-point million cars all over the world. there -- there are two problems. a water pump in the high bride system. and the affected cars include the predangerous and question row law moted prius and the -- and the affected cars include
8:20 am
the prius and and -- and the corolla model. 8:20. a bull crying at the oakland museum what. officials are doing now to make sure this doesn't happen again. highway 4. we're finally showing a little bit of improvement here after we had some problems on nearby instate 680.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
the oakland museum is e-- someone broke into the history gallery on monday just before midnight. the museum's director would not say exactly what was stolen but the gallery includes valuable items from the gold rush era. the alarms were working and the police responded within three minutes. >> the display cases were
8:24 am
damaged but luckily nobody hurts. 8:24. tori, three men now facing charges for the theft of more than a million dollars of gold and gems from a state museum. the california mining and minerals museum in marry po ta was robbed back in september. the robbers were dressed up like ninjas and they had pickaxes. we don't know if any of the gold has been recovered. let's check in with sal now. that's very slow. still, save -- still, save, recovering, after some much earlier problems. we showed you highway 4 last time, it's getting better in parts of bay point. if you are driving in san jose, northbound 280 which is on the right, that looks pretty good. southbound on the left.
8:25 am
that's southbound 280. now, let's go to steve. a lot of high clouds have been dreaming in. it will be a. , pek day. a lot of these clouds just the leading edge of what will be a change. still a very mild today today. temperatures will be warming up. 68 yesterday in napa. we'll go 71. 71 oakland. we'll go 74, 75 gillry. 40s, 50, 56. it's really mild on the coast a lot of these higher clouds will continue to stream in. higher clouds, east wind means temperatures that's an offshore breeze. that will turn around tomorrow,
8:26 am
not today. the tangled petraeus scandal shows you how easily the government can get into everybody's e-mails. google shares how often they get those requests and how often they comply. >> reporter: crews are back out in one daly city neighborhood after a water main break sends news oozing down the street. and new developments in the search for john mcafee.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
more coverage of that massive water and mud mess buried one neighbor in mud. tara moriarty, first reporter on the scene and you are there. so the weather may make things worse. is that what they are saying out there? >> that's right. we have rain on the horizon. so crews trying to alleviate the sewer system. they will be taking a television camera and putting it down into the drainage system. but they will have to wait until the weather clears up for the weekend. they won't be able to clear out this entire park of mud. they will have to wait until the weekend is over. we got a first-hand look at the
8:30 am
water main. this is the new video that she show this morning of the left beside bonnie street. a pipe ruptured, sending 45,000 gannons -- heavy inspected. they say it's safe for now. we did ask a water official about other pipes in the city. >> we want -- we were incorporated back in 1911. but for the most part, we try to stay ahead of it. sometimes we'll have failures. >> he just backed up. >> the ms. oozed down luzane eve. yesterday, the city brought in back holes. folks can file claims with their insurance company and lie
8:31 am
will likely be on the back that we've talking about. that's the pipe, there is a cement blog and come out -- coming out of that is that broken pipe. just using down the street here down into the hillside. this entire street was just covered in mud crews as you can see, they are loading up the camera equipment and try to get at least try to get this park under control for rain the whens -- for when the rams refresh -- rains come. >> back to you. >> thank you. physical politics are -- san francisco police are looking for a man who stabbed another men. police say one of the men pulled out a knife, slashed the other man on the hand and ran off the victim.
8:32 am
the women was not seriously hurt. a probicyclist is recovering after being truck -- being struck by a hit and one driver. garrett investigators say he was cycling morning when he was hit by a late model black poresh mc -- model --porsche. human remains found were found in a construction field and are native american and hundreds of years old. the man accused of murdering sierra lamar is now facing new attempted kidnapping
8:33 am
charges. janine day law vary gay outside of the police where the suspect used to work in morgan hill and you are getting reaction. >> reporter: dave. >> when i mention -- dave, when i mention the suspect's name, many people know who i am talking about. the da afghanistan told me that garcia -- the da's office told me that he is being charged of kippings of women and the cash jack cannings. he was arrested for the murder and kidnapping of teenager sierra lamar earlier this year. authorities were able to link his dna taken from that case and connected it to dna found on a stun gun using one of the safe way attacks. says say -- police say he attempted to kidnap one in her
8:34 am
car. customer their morning showed -- >> this is something between girlfriends and morgan hill women. i remember that. everybody wondering who that was and it's connected to the sierra lamar case is just crazy. i'm glad lebonese being charged with that. >> reporter: garcia torres was a juvenile at the same. authorities say he attempted -- he committed those kidnappings. i killed his sir tier -- sister and she said she was aware of the new charges. she only said she still visits her brother in jail. while he's been behind bars, these past six months. he's about to be a father. his girlfriend is about to give birth and i went to her house this morning. here hurt said she wasn't had the -- she hasn't had the baby.
8:35 am
cnn reports three people have been detained now in the killing of john mcafee's neighbor in belize. mcafee is still being sought for questioning in the death but police say he's not a suspect. >> mcaky has had knowledge of is it helping. he says he's still hiding from police because he feels that police want to kill him. schedule has scheduled a news conference for me this morning. later, the asked stum -- later
8:36 am
the president -- later, the president haz meetings with companies and get input on how to avoid the fiscal cliff. we will carry his conference live at 10:30 this morning. we'll also live stream the news conference on our website as defense secretary, leon panetta says he still has confidence in general john allen's ability leave in -- to lead in average. panetta addressed the confrontation with jill, a florida socialite.
8:37 am
>> no one should leap to any conclusions here. general jail len is doing a wonderful job at i sep in leading those forces he certainly has our -- has our continued forces to lead the costs. >> reporter: the recall investigator is reporting the 20,000, 30,000 e-mails exchained. >> one of them described them as flirtatious. another source compared them to phone folks -- phobe something. happening right now, three prun senators, including onmccain are tolding -- are holding a tuesday conference -- three republican senators including john mack cane are holing a news conference -- are holding a news conference calling for the investigation
8:38 am
of the libyan attack. >> am was dear stevens was doing everything we wanted our diplomats to do -- ambassador stevens was doing everything we wanted our diplomats to do. >> you've been listening to john mccain and senator graham and others-- more on this -- later on. google says the fbi's request to access the personal g-mail account of paula broadwell was one of more than
8:39 am
7900 similar requests the company received from the u.s. government in just the first half of the year. the company says it complies with the questions either fully or partially 90%. time. let's go to the maps, 80%. slow from min el -- from pinole still. down to the berkeley area. this morning if you are driving over to the other communities, it will be a little bit -- communities, it will be slow. 101, that traffic is fine. partly sunny, partly mild today. temperatures are already near 60 for somest wind coming in a lot of high clouds. they will start to thicken out
8:40 am
later on. tomorrow we start to get mostly cloudy. we'll start to cool down a little bit. next system rolls in saturday night. sunday looks like a cold rain. thank you, steve. it's 20 minutes now before 9:00. sitting down at one san francisco cafe. the reason customers are being asked to pay to get addable -- to make a table -- to get a table. i've made a decision to once again serve as the house democratic leader. >> nancy pelosi announced this morning she wants to keep her post. how her colleagues are reacting.
8:41 am
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both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week.
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i would definitely say this is a fruitful business. to be an understated whatexample of unequaledace american achievement, is actually an extremely sophisticated apparatus of goodness and flavor, bonded together by a perfectly aged, all natural, tasty... gooey... blanket of love. stocks have turned negative in early trading on wall street. strong earnings from abercrombie & fitch. and cisco is being offset
8:44 am
suggesting money consumers still cautious about the economy as we head into the all- important holiday season. the dow currently down 54. the nasdaq is down 3. s&p down 4. well, facebook's stock could be very active today. about $800 miami shares in the social network can be traded starting today. the stocks currently owned by early investors but they were locked up. the stock now selling for $21.62. it's actually up about 9% this evening. facebook is not liking the false profile shows up -- showing up on its site. the new york times shows the fakery is threatening the basically premise of the world's largest network. the times says facebook is planning a new automated system
8:45 am
that will dump fake likes. nancy pelosi announced, she wants to continue as a highs house -- as a house minority. why she wants to stay. alley none. >> reporter: well, pelosi says politics at this level is insatiable and she has much another she wants to accomplish. now, she was joined by female house members. she said she had a lot of encouragement in congress and from the public to stay on, especially as congressional leaders prepare to tackle the fiscal cliff and other major bucket and tax reforms. house democrats vote for their
8:46 am
new leaders after thanksgiving. nancy pelosi is not expected to face any challengers. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:46. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories for you right now. uc students plan a protest outside of the regents meeting in san francisco. the students are angry about plants to raise tuition next year. there is good news for the students. regents agreed to postpone a vote on raising student fees for some grad students at the request of jerry brown. the governor is expected to be at today's meeting. a firefighter injured his arm. this one in el sobrante. the flames came from the attic at this house on up. it happened around midnight. four people inside were not hurt. that firefighter was treated and then released.
8:47 am
it's business as unusual at san francisco's business hall. people are going in despite the fire out -- outside of the basement. what's the latest, cau lien? >> reporter: well, we just came out of city hall. we have new information to show you. right now in front of city hall, you can see trucks still parked out in front. you can see a lot of people actually in front of the building. the hour has -- i want to show you some video that we just took. you can't really tell that anything has thought. th theelectricalpanelthat'sthesubj
8:48 am
theelectricalpanelthat'sthesubj alls. there'spiecesofmetalsbecausethey saiditstilllooksthesame. we wecanshowyoutheseenlastnightarou ndit300peopleinsidecitythishall andthentherewasthispoweroutage. peopletoldmethelightsflickereda p peopletoldmethelightsflickereda- -thefirewasoutandbythetimefirefr peopletoldmethelightsflickereda- -thefirewasoutandbythetimefiref ereand
8:49 am
as things stand now, the cause of this fire, an electrical fire. the department of public works official just told me that they are still looking to the cause as to why this happened. all of the electrical in this building wasian graded in 1989 -- was upgraded in 1989. in terms of power, generators are on. first and second floor which is what the public uses. that's open for business. if you go up to the third an fourth floor. we saw some lights on, some lights off. when it will be fixed. the best estimate we have is probably noon at the earliest, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. it is 8:49. customers at a cafe in san francisco now have to spend at least $5 to sit at a table.
8:50 am
780 cafe. >> there is familiar with kids. we wanted to give them our service. unfortunately, there was people just sitting at the table all day and all of the work stuff, you know, to dake dash taking over -- you know, taking over. >> workers at the cafe say customers have been understanding about the new policy. >> later today there will be a rally against the main post office. the downtown post office is slated to close cause of financial problems. >> reporter: the building was built in 1915. some people say it should not be. sold. there will be a final hearing but that will happen the night before thanksgiving. people say that date is inconvenient and shut be changed. >> new since at the -- that the giants star will sign a new two- year deal. several reports say giants
8:51 am
think they can resign their -- re-sign their player. scutaro is 37. not expected to be in the majors much longer but with hits like that, maybe he can retire as a giant. the golden state wears yes -- golden state warriors, they plan to build a 17,000-seat waterfront arena with plead point but they will be requiring the rules required of publicly funded -- but they will be requiring rules of publicly funded to be followed. this season is cal's worse
8:52 am
since 2001. they are 3-8 with one game left. it's -- it's this saturday at oregon state. sal tweeted a few things about that. >> i know, he did. it's the sign of the season. the crab traps are out from half moon bay to sonoma county. >> what the crab fishermen are saying about the crab this season and why it may cost you more. traffic? bumper-to-bumper. fó ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons!
8:53 am
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police in concord searching for a man who robbed a bank inside a safeway store. it happened inside the u.s. bank inside the safeway on willow pass road. the robber is described as white, about 6'4", 150 pounds. he gave the teller a note demanding cash. police have not said how much money was taken. 8:55. it's the day many dungenness crabbers have been waiting for. you may have to way a little more this year. the start of the season comes after an a -- after the
8:56 am
crabbers come to an agreement with the fishermen. and that price is 75 cents higher than last year. >> i got a spot i want to get there first at if i can. but you never know why this guys. there might be somebody on it already. >> crabbers are allowed to set their traps today but cannot pull them until midnight. there are two job fairs in the bay area. higher life is hosting the event in walnut creek and south san francisco. both run from 9:00 this morning until 12:30 this afternoon. the walnut creek job fare is at the embassy suites on treat boulevard. the other one is on gateway boulevard. job seekers are encouraged to dress professionally and bring several copies of their resumes. sal is back. how is the toll plaza?
8:57 am
>> it's little a -- still a little busy. you are gonna have to be waiting for for -- waiting there for a little bit. if you have the luxury of waiting around it should get better. moving i hang -- moving along to san francisco itself. it's been a nice commute. it looks good on 101. the northbound 280 looks good. the peninsula itself, a lot of slow traffic in san mateo. i would recommend 280 over 101. it's 8:57. partly sunny, partly cloudy on the mild side, especially by the coast. temperatures in the mid-70s. >> ork. that's our report -- okay. that's our report. thank you for joining us. >> be sure to join the news at noon. we'll show you about the controversy surrounding the -- we'll show you controversy surrounding a project. what are you doing there?
8:58 am
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for great videos, "right this minute."


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